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We are a WoolSafe Certified Firm, which means we are held to a higher industry standard. Our entire process is safe for wool and other specialty fibers, and our cleaning solutions are not damaging. 

Because we are specially trained in fine textile care, we are able to remain flexible when determining the best way to clean a rug.

No two rugs are the same – they need individual care and attention.

Air Dusting

One key step in the rug cleaning process is to remove as much dust and soil as possible before any application of water and specially formulated rug cleaning solutions are used to flush any remaining dirt from the rug. You know what happens when you mix dirt and water… you get mud! Fun for kids to play in, but not something you want in your area rugs.

There are several different methods for ‘dusting’ a rug, and at CBM Rug Cleaning we use the method best suited to the construction and condition of your particular rug.


One method of dusting consists of using special wands and to blow the air safely from the rug otherwise known as Air Dusting.

Did you know that a larger shag rug can hold up to 8 lbs of dust and soil?

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